The Media Psychology Effect

Examining psychology through media
by Dr. Bernard Luskin


Introducing The Society for Media Psychology and Tecnology

The Pretty Face Effect on Elections and Appointments

Casting the NET Over Global MOOCs

Managing PCSD - "Post Commencement Stress Disorder"

Brain, Behavior, and Media

E=Enhanced Media

American Psychological Association Media Psychology Division Award Recipients

Whistleblowing is a Tricky Business
A Whistleblower can be an individual who outs or opines practices or actions that are illegal, dishonest or violate the whistleblower's sense of morality or ethics.
Prevent the whistleblower from ending up as the victim.

Don't be caught in a flurry of denials and "I don't recall's"
When you are handling a major incident the media will be there and the public will expect you to give a response. You are the professional in charge.
"I Don't Recall" is unacceptable.

September 2007 - Hollywood's lengendary Sherry Lansing calls it...Prime Time
Age 60 Is The New 40, And It's Prime Time

Community Colleges have taken the leadership role in training our "first responders."
Who Might Todays CIO Be Tomorrow?

November 2007 - Improve Your Ability To Handle Difficult Conversations: Lessons from Ahmadinejad and Bollinger
Columbia University's Distinguished Speaker Series

IMS Global Learning Consortium - Understanding Media Psychology & Learning to Learn
"Media psychology is really the application of psychology to media. It's as simple as that." Dr. Bernard Luskin
Understanding Media Psychology & Learning to Learn

Incidents Without Precedent by Dr. Bernard Luskin
When you must respond to a crisis, tell the truth and tell it fast.
Tell the Truth and Tell It Fast

Building your consulting practice in 12 steps
In a consulting practice, reputation and brand name are synonymous and necessary for your success.
Back to your brand

Telecare and telemedicine are emerging professions
Healthcare via telemedia will proveim portant inmany of thesameways that face-to-face healthcare is important.
Constructing media simulations for medical education.

The sociopsychomedia effect is as enveloping to our society as water is to fish in the sea.
A Field Whose Time is Here

SPOTLIGHT ON CONSULTING ISSUES: Consulting Psychologists And Brand Identity
Brand Is the Emerging Concept in Consulting Psychology
Build your brand identity

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